Toasty in my Toaster Sweater

First make from my #2017makenine completed – and sneakily also ticking the box for the #wardrobebuilder on Petite passions blog challenge. the #dressmakingbloggerschallenge AND the #sewmystyle if I choose to complete that!


I bought the PDF for Sew House Seven Toaster Sweaters in  December and changed my mind about 20 times about which version to make. In the end the fabric helped to make the decision


I ordered the fabric online from The Textile Centre Boxing Day sale and then crossed my fingers until it arrived hoping it would be the right weight ( I did of course get tempted into buying another 7 pieces of fabric as they were all such bargains , AND I qualified for free postage…..I’m sure you’ ve heard it all before).

This grey fabric seemed ideal – and substantial enough to support the turtle neck for version 1



I read a few comments about this pattern being on the short side in terms of body length . I did however want to have the option of wearing it with skirts as well as trousers and I am only 5′ 2″ and normally need to adjust patterns to shorten between bust and waist as I am short waisted. So I measured the pattern pieces and cut a size small unaltered.

The sweater was easy to construct. The instructions are clear.


My new overlocker was a huge success- the first time I used it to completely make a garment. It finishes the seams beautifully and it is so QUICK! the fabric description of being ” an absolute dream to sew” was also right!img_4588

The only bit that was a bit fiddly was trying to line up the front / back to the waistband to try to get the pattern in my fabric to run sort of straight. But that’s a function of my fabric choice not the pattern, and I think turned out pretty well.

Not bad on the texture/pattern matching …..

I’m really pleased with the final result. It is the length I wanted and is comfortable and warm.


Would I make another one ? A resounding yes. I would quite like to try using 2 different colours or fabric textures to highlight the cuffs and waistband detail better although I already have some lovely blue knit fabric with a fleece backing that I purchased in the same Boxing Day sale which would really suit thus pattern.

…..and of course there are another 8 patterns in my #2017make nine waiting to be sewn…

First make completed – replacing pattern shots with a finished make as I go

And that Moneta party looks interesting too…….


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