2017 Secret Valentine Exchange

This year I took part in the 2017 Secret Valentine Exchange – the first swap I have done. #2017sve

I found out about it on a blog ( good old Bloglovin) and signed up . The idea is that the organisers take some info from you, eg likes ( colours, type of fabric) and then send your details on to someone who puts together a secret Valentine parcel for you. In return you also get someone else’s details and make / put together something for them. The idea is to use your stash and creativity.

So firstly I put together a little something for my Valentine. This was a lady called   Kathy, alsoo from the UK. A bit of blog stalking was also undertaken to see who my blind date was!

I knew she liked floral prints and turquoise/ purple so I went through my stash and used some fabric to make a little make up pouch. It’s lined with waterproof fabric and I managed to get hold of a couple of Clinique samples to put inside it.


I also sent her a letter to tell her about myself and was absolutely delighted when she emailed me back to say that the parcel had arrived and tell me about herself too I really hope she liked the bag and that we may even meet up one day in the future.

So today it was my turn to open my parcel. It was a bit like Xmas- it had been sitting waiting for the last week and I had no idea what was inside . How exciting!

YFes- my details had definitely been read carefully- favourite colours teal and purple. Inside were loads of bits and pieces- it was like a little treasure chest

Thank you Eleanor

i really enjoyed taking part in this swap- sign me up for next year!


3 thoughts on “2017 Secret Valentine Exchange”

  1. Hi Ann, it’s Kathy here, Thank you so much for my beautiful bag. I absolutely adore it – how clever of you to line it with waterproof fabric, so useful!
    I have loved getting to know a little about you through this exchange and I hope we may be able to meet some time in the future. By the way what lovely treats you received yourself!
    Kathy x


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