Moving my Sewing Space


imageThis is it – the new location for my sewing!

When I started sewing again I initially used the dining room table with all the downsides of clearing up every time I wanted to sew even for a short time. Then I decided to use my son’s old desk ( not the one in the photo- much smaller) and happily used that in my bedroom until last autumn.

Well it worked for me, but husband wasn’t quite so keen on the stray pins


Then in October I got a new overlocker for my birthday from my husband ( was there a cunning plan ?) My desk was too small to fit both a machine and an overlocker side by side.

I already owned the larger desk – made up of two old base units and a kitchen worktop bolted together – this had been my first sewing table in my first house( about 30 years ago!) . Unfortunately it does support my belief- never throw anything away!

The new location is my son’s bedroom.This has stood virtually unused for nearly 6 years ( a hoarder, and sentimental…) while he has been at university. Yes he does come home to visit, but as his course( medicine) has progressed “term” times have become increasingly longer as his course extends beyond normal uni dates , and visits home became shorter. So at Xmas I asked him if he minded if I moved my sewing into his room. No sentimentality there- he was quite happy! Realistically his home is now Manchester and having passed his finals last month and planning to stay there for the next 2 years for his hospital job he really won’t be back here often.And the final part of the motivation- our bedroom is being re-fitted so everything has to be moved out.

Yes the planets aligned and the sewing space moved accordingly.

As you can see my machines sit perfectly side by side and there is even room for a coffee mug!

On the right is my tool caddyimage

I think this was originally for cleaning materials but I keep all my essentials to hand here- it means that if I want to hand sew in front of the TV or cut out downstairs on the dining table ( it still has its uses) I can quickly and easily transport everything.

I also have other containers holding desk bits and pieces And containers holding cotton,labels lace and ribbons and finally a box holding my zips.

last but not least the fabric stash

imageIt hasn’t reached the ceiling yet But maybe when I get to all that fabric at the back of my wardrobe from sewing 20+ years ago( does that count as vintage?), it just might…….

which is why I should be sewing, not writing my blog


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