Say No to Fabric Stashing- failed again!


I “needed” some white jersey to line a Moneta dress bodice which I was planning to make – so  I started to search on line.

I found the white jersey ( of course) but there on the same site were numerous other bargains that I just couldn’t resist.

Result – another 10 items of fabric added to the stash!image2

Lovely jersey which I will probably make a Pauline Alice Aldaia

with. I bought the pattern last year as it has so many interchangeable options for a jersey dress – and it’s on my #Make Nine list for the year.

Then this one


Thinking a plain jersey would always be useful, and yellow is very in this year. It happens by chance to be a perfect match for the fabric above. Opportunities for colour blocking with any leftover fabric? Maybe an Itch to Stitch Vienna Tank ?

Three floral stretch fabrics. The middle one is my favourite when opened- it has the best drape. I may go on a Moneta -make binge after the success of my first one ( yet to be photographed and blogged)

Some bright summery stretch fabrics – I’m imagining days by the pool / sea. Nt sure exactly when though as both my summer holidays are booked and involve cycling around the Loire ( June) and cycling from Venice to Croatia ( September). Not exactly the right match….

The far right piece is a Scuba bought as much to ” have a go” with a fabric I have never used before as anything

image4 (2)

A lightweight daisy woven. I may try a Grainline Scout Tee – another popular pattern that so far hasn’t made it into my collection.


This is a “honeycomb” textured stretch jersey for a top>

And finally a completely random purchase of silver and black stretch fabric


I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with this! It will have to wait for the festive season though as I just cant see me wearing a top out of this at any other time.

And of course , the piece of white jersey that started all this


All the fabric was bought from Fabworks – and most of it was on the sale ( that’s my excuse)



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