The Sewing Weekender

imageA week ago I was at The Sewing Weekender- a much anticipated weekend of sewing indulgence.

A number of posts have already gone up about what went on and they all have much better photos than me- yes, I was so busy enjoying myself and chatting I forgot to take photos. So I thought I would concentrate on what I enjoyed most/ got out of the weekend rather than running through the format.

1. Seeing other people’s makes

I love reading blogs and the ideas and inspiration they provide for dressmaking. So what could be better than seeing makes in real life? Of course everyone had a project on the go so you could wander around, look at the fabric, ask what was being made and chat about the pattern. In some cases the end result was even worn on day 2- not in my case though as my Scout Tee didn’t even get started until 10 minutes before lunch break on Saturday!

Then of course people were wearing outfits they had already made.  Plenty of indie patterns on display, and plenty of inspiration for what I would like to make next.

Of course this probably means I will end up buying more patterns….

There were quite a few TAB Cleos around, with at least 2 being made . All lovely but not for me ( too young!)

However I did fall in love with the Anna dress( By Hand London) and despite initially dismissing the Charlie Caftan the versions I saw being worn have made me rethink. Lastly there were a few Orla dresses around including Self Assembly Required in her lovely modified one which have confirmed my wish to make up this pattern




2 Talking to people who love sewing.

I attended on my own. Everyone was so friendly though and of course there was never a problem regarding what to talk about! The organisers and sewing prefects were super friendly and really interesting to talk to. Elle ( Sew Positivity) was really knowledgable about machine embroidery and shared her sewing background whilst we made the lovely sewing weekender patches. Melissa ( Fehr of Fehrtrade) has inspired me to have a go at active wear. I make lots of dresses and really don’t always get the opportunity very often to wear them – a combination of British weather and lifestyle. BUT I go to the gym daily so as she pointed out I’m an ideal person to make active wear!

And of course I chatted to so many other attendees. One of the highlights was meeting Kathy ( Sew Dainty )who I was paired with in the  Secret Valentine earlier this year. We have exchanged a few blog comments since. So lovely that she was actually using the little bag I made too!  I also met Zoe who had chatted to me on Facebook and saw her Linden sweatshirt I had admired on line . Rachel( rach against the sewing machine) who I sat next to on the first day also gave me some tips on walking feet ( more expenditure planned)

There were so many others too, and I picked up so many tips. I enjoyed chatting to you all- and I think the pre attending tip of making something simple was a great one as I’m sure I spent more time talking than sewing.

3. Goody Bag and swap

Well let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy this! The Goody Bag was amazing. It was just like Christmas- but ( in my case anyway) with more surprises! Thank you sponsors- so generous .  It was great seeing everyone’s faces as they pulled out their treasure!

The swap was great too. I managed to send some unwanted patterns to a good home, and of course acquired some new ones.


So thanks Kate and Rachel ( The Foldline) and Charlotte (English Girl at Home) for a well organised fantastic weekend. Would do it all again tomorrow






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