Another Maria Denmark Yasmin Skirt

This was one of the first patterns I bought when returning to sewing. It was certainly my first ever PDF pattern  and I think I can probably say now the one that so far this  has been the one I have used the most –the Yasmin skirt

This skirt really is my ideal design! It is straight which is a style that I find comfortable and flattering. The deep band across the waist/ hip provides interest, and it has pockets ( optional- but I have them in every version I have made) the back invisible zip and the pockets are all designed so that the skirt sits flat across the body- no lumps/ bumps/ bunching- so that a jumper or cardie sits neatly on top. Depending on the fabric it can be smarter or casual.


This skirt has now been made up 5 times- and yes I am planning a 6th.

It has been made in royal blue cord as a winter weight casual skirt. This first skirt has been worn lots.


Then I had a small piece of red floral corderoy fabric left over from making a winter Bettine dress. The Yasmin skirt can be squeezed out of under a metre of fabric in my case( yes , I am only 5 foot 2, wear it above the knees and would probably be classified as petite), and I just about got it out of the scraps.

Next it was a panic make. Last September I was off on a sightseeing holiday to Puglia Italy. When starting to pack I realized my usual holiday wardrobe of active clothes probably wasn’t quite suitable! I also wanted a versatile item that would go with different tops. A quick hunt in my stash revealed a lightweight blue cotton- and of course out came the Yasmin skirt pattern as with only 2 days to go it really needed to be a tried and tested make. The end result has probably been one of the most successful. It fits really well, goes with so many of my tops and has been worn so much on the holiday and since

My next make was using some beautiful heavier weight slightly stretch fabric from Ditto Fabrics Brighton, I was told this was ex Dolce & Gabbana and wanted a dressy skirt for Christmas. Whilst I have worn this , opportunities are limited, and I have not quite got the sizing right( it has come up a little large)  Maybe it will be altered for next Christmas

Which brings me on to my latest make- version 5. The fabric was picked up at Ditto Brighton and is a beautiful quality ( isn’t all their fabric?) soft denim with a small star / asterisk design on it. Only worn once so far – but a big hit. Even husband commented that he liked it.

There are a number of things I do with my Yasmin skirt

I use contrast fabric for the inside of the pockets and the reverse of the waistband. This allows me to reduce bulk by choosing a lighter weight fabric if I want to. It reduces the quantity of fabric required if  it is being made from leftovers too. And more importantly it’s fun- even if only I get to see it!

For my last make I used a striped fabric ( left overs from husbands nightshirt) and deliberately allowed it to roll back ever so slightly. I love the fact that you can just glimpse it at the waist and top of pockets


In all cases I have also added a lining either in a lining fabric for winter skirts( so they don’t stick to tights) or a lightweight cotton in the case of the summer skirt. This is personal preference and is not included in the pattern. It is pretty easy though – I just use the bottom skirt pieces and attach them to the base of the band facing.

I would of course highly recommend this pattern- although it doesn’t seem to be one that has made it on to the general popular list on line. Maria Denmark also has a number of other interesting looking patterns too- have bought some but haven’t made them up yet,

Next? I have some teal cord( Ditto Fabrics again) waiting in my stash which was bought for this pattern some time ago.


Or should I try another pattern?

Anyone got any recommendations?


One thought on “Another Maria Denmark Yasmin Skirt”

  1. Hi. These look great – shall definitely add this pattern to my wish list. I’m about to sew a Collette Ginger and I’ve got my eye on the Pauline Alice Rosari skirt – I Iove the different pocket options…


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