Great British Sewing Bee Live


Had an absolutely fabulous day out at the GBSB Live! I went with a friend ( who also sews of course) and we got there at about 10.30 and left at 5.30 – so a full day of shopping, chatting and entertainment.

For me the experience didn’t disappoint ( i have seen some Facebook posts to the contrary).

Things I loved.

  1. The catwalk show  Seeing patterns made up and modeled  was great and very inspiring
  2. The Super Theatre  I was wondering what they would do to entertain us in this. It was really enjoyable – the compering was entertaining, Esme and Patrick were engaging and interesting and the refashioning challenge and demos added the live sewing interest
  3. Seeing the GBSB makes close up ( I admit they look more perfect on TV , but they were still pretty impressive given the time they get)IMG_6491
  4. Shopping ( of course). A great opportunity to browse fabric and talk to owners/ pattern drafters
  5. Saying hi to people I,ve met before at various meet ups ( even if they didnt all remember me) and who I follow on blogs – Rachel (Pinhiero), The Fold Line girls. Sorry to have missed Melissa (Fehr Trade) who was on a well earned break

So what did I buy?


Here is the haul. I wanted to make a casual-ish jacket so came with the intention of looking for a pattern and fabric. The idea was that I can wear it in autumn / spring, it will be not too heavyweight and ideally can be shoved in a bag when it gets too hot walking around sewing shows!

I bought the navy blue wool first – a bargain on Simply Fabrics stall at £10 a meter. I eyed up some lovely teal fabric too, resisted the temptation, and then when I decided I really should have bought it after all found it had all been sold.

I came across  Sew Different for the first time. There were some lovely made up samples on display. the use of fabrics / contrast fabrics especially on the cocoon coat was lovely! ( and , no I wasn’t looking for a cocoon coat)

I was allowed to try them on even (all a bit big but i still got the idea!)

So three patterns bought intending the biker cardigan jacket for my original project but thinking the blue wool would look good as a cocoon coat if I can find appropriate heavyweight contrast fabric.

I signed up for Love Sewing magazines trial offer and bought some machine needles and stretch iron on interfacing.

The last purchase ( or rather the first on the actual day) was a real impulse buy – waterproof cat fabric. There were some lovely sample bags so I’m hoping to get round to making a new toiletries bag with matching make up bag


All in all a very enjoyable day. And of course, not complete without a picture of Patrick who was happily wandering around later in the afternoon talking to everyone and posing for any photos requested


Look out for the post on my Biker cardigan!



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