Another make whilst away – Sew Different Cocoon Coat


Yes, I’ve finished another make.

I bought the Sew Different Cocoon Coat at the Great British Sewing Bee Live show after falling in love with the sample on the stall


Whilst it was too big on me, the cut of this little coat – in particular the way it scoops round underneath your bottom at the back- is flattering and comfy.i also love, love , love the pockets


i also bought the fabric at the show, and then bought some contrast textured fabric to make contrast sleeves like the sample. This was probably the most difficult part- it’s really difficult to match navy!

i cut size 8 having recently made up Sew Different’s Biker Cardi jacket. As I was not sure about the three quarter sleeve length for winter I also lengthened the sleeves on the basis of its easy to shorten later.

I used standard lining for the inside of the coat front

The  pattern isn’t difficult to make up. The thickness of the fabric did make the sewing when crossing over layers a challenge though. If I made it again in thick fabric I would make one layer of the pocket from the lining fabric to help with this.

Finishing  the lining was the longest part. I added under stitching to the machine sewn edge along the centre fronts to get a cleaner finish having decided that top stitching to hold in place was not on due to fabric thickness. The other edges of the lining all required hand sewing into place, it kept me occupied in front of the TV in the evenings, but I can’t help but feel there must be a quicker machine based option for the finish.



The lengthened sleeves were not entirely successful. I misjudged the extra length required! Not by much, but enough to annoy me if I just hemmed them. So I have added cuffs. Having worn the jacket I like the length , even if it would be a bit smarter without cuffs in my opinion. I still may shorten the sleeves to the intended length after the winter!


I love the cocoon coat though, it’s comfortable , warm and makes my jeans feel stylish / more dressed up than the usual casual padded jacket I throw on. Everyone coI  am already thinking that a spring weight linen one would be useful for next year. I wore it out to meet up with Nicky again for another away from home shopping expedition- this time to visit Sewisfaction, a lovely little shop in a craft village near Wokingham

This meant I was tempted to buy more fabric. The cat sweatshirt fabric I had eyed up on line and seen made up by Sew Dainty recently had unfortunately been sold. However I found another 2 sided sweatshirting in a grey and yellow which is beautiful quality and in all honestly is probably more practical for my wardrobe.

I am planning to make a sweatshirt that somehow allows both sides of the fabric to be seen- either through contrast cuffs, turn backs or something.

Any  suggestions are welcome


One thought on “Another make whilst away – Sew Different Cocoon Coat”

  1. It looks great and the combination with the contrast fabric. Making the sleeves longer was a good idea: it looks so much better. I’ve this pattern in my stash and want to make a a cardigan version that could also be used as a light coat for the Spring as well, but seeing you version I’m wondering if it works. Some suggestions for your new fabric: if you’re using the back side for the cuffs, you also can use it for finishing the neckline and the hems of the Top.


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