Itch to Stitch Newport Top with a Christmassy feel


This fabric was bought during my recent stay in Reading at Fabric land. It was available in two colours, but the red and grey version I chose has( I think) a Christmassy feel to it. The red flowers remind me of the poinsettia I buy every year to put in my lounge!

I decided to finally try an Itch to Stitch pattern. I have admired and bought quite a few of Kennis’ patterns over the past couple of years but somehow never quite got round to sewing any of them. So finally I printed out the Newport top which has a really nice neck line , and with the option of long sleeves provides a bit of extra warmth for winter.

The most difficult part of this sew was definetely the pattern matching. With such a pronounced horizontal stripe design I spent quite a lot of time matching up all the various lines- the side seams, the balance of the sleeves, the sleeve to body and I think more by luck than judgement the back part of the top that comes over onto the front. I am very happy with the end result.

I made up a size  X. I think I could have graded the hips down slightly but I think this is also down to the fact that most items in my wardrobe are slightly more fitted in this area so I am just not used to the swing shape at the bottom.


The  neckline is lovely. The method gives a very neat finish and the way the back comes over onto the front is a nice design touch


The instructions are very clear with lots of tips. Whilst the top can be sewn with an ordinary sewing machine, an overlocker is also an option. The instructions even tell you which can be used on which seams. There are also very useful tips about stitch length. Hems are finished with twin needle stitching

Overall the finished result is a well finished garment with lovely style lines. I would make another- and I am definetely inspired to make up another ITS pattern – maybe the new free pattern just released?



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