Chess Party -Named Kielo Wrap dress

I was planning a dress for a New Years Eve party where the theme for fancy dress is “ Board Games”. ( we always play these after a large meal and too much to drink).

In a search for appropriate fabric I came across monopoly fabric in America, snakes and ladders duvet covers with huge snakes and one fabric that almost made the final purchase, a scrabble design on eBay.

But finally whilst browsing for a sweatshirt fabric on Adam Ross fabrics I came across some sale chequer chiffon which I thought would be ideal for a chess themed costume


I decided to make up a Kielo wrap dress to wear over plain black – either leggings and top or black short sheath dress.

Having made up this pattern once before for a summer dress in two layers I knew the floaty chiffon would work well despite it not being the easiest fabric to handle based on my previous experience


This time with the help of my overlocker though the chiffon did sew up much better. Also not creating two joined layers( an adaptation from the actual pattern to create the under sheath dress) made the whole sew a lot easier and quicker.

The  final result photographed without the underlayer is just what I wanted. The plan was to accessorise with cut out chess men in black and white


Unfortunately the party has been cancelled due to illness so my outfit will not be seeing the New Year in. At least it feels like it will be wearable for other occasions.


2 thoughts on “Chess Party -Named Kielo Wrap dress”

  1. What a great idea to use a fabric with a chequer board print for the ‘Board Games’ theme. The finished dress looks great and sadly to read that due to illness the dress wan’t worn at the party. You really would have won the game.


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