2017 – my first year of blogging and a review of the year



So the year is ending and I thought  I would look back on what I have managed to do!

First my blog. Looking at the stats I was amazed to see that I have published 20 posts. ( excluding this one) Amazed because I think I never get round to writing anything and certainly find getting decent photos a problem.

I have joined a couple of interesting Facebook groups where I always try to share my makes / posts too – The Dressmakers Blogging Network which is a communication forum for bloggers and Sewing in the U.K.


No, I don’t have many followers, but I have a few people who comment regularly, which is lovely, and feel I am starting to make a few virtual sewing friends ( hello Sonja if you are reading this)

I have completed 14 projects this year( not all blogged); but have “failed” to complete/ take part in all the challenges I aspired to! I also failed to get pictures of two tops that I made for presents





At the beginning of the year I published my #2017MAKENINE challenge. Well I may have sewn 9 items, but they certainly weren’t the planned ones! Easily distracted? Me? My excuse ( if I need one) is that I get tempted by new patterns, items needed for unplanned events or requests ( my sons jacket) . So here is a comparison of what I intended , and what I actually did ( as close as possible to original plans)





As you can see from the pictures of makes I didn’t manage to make the nine garments. the Toaster sweater is the only pattern made , although I have also got the Maria Denmark skirt cut out and currently in progress.

However some of the intent of the other plans remained. I did make a jacket for myself ( and for my son). The ITS Arenal Top was replaced by the ITS Newport Top ( so I made a top plus first try of an ITS pattern).A jersey dress was also sewn – the Bettine. The biggest miss was the intention to experiment with trousers. I’m going to call this a 5 out of nine result. And ,yes, I do plan to set myself a #2018MAKENINE challenge as I enjoyed the relaxed nature of this particular challenge.

I successfully completed( big cheer) the Secret Valentine challenge. I loved the surprise element of this and the fact that I corresponded with Kathy ( Sew Dainty) , follow her blog and subsequently met her at the Sewing Weekender. All as a result of being asked to make a gift for her.


I also optimistically signed up for Sew My Style  tempted by already having the Toaster sweater and intending to make it. Unfortunately this was the only garment I made. Oh well, maybe 2018. I saw a post stating this was happening again in 2018 – it was actually asking for moderators/ bloggers to help. Yes I was tempted, then reality struck – I just won’t get around to making the number of garments required- especially if they are not patterns I really really want to make.

Another  sewing highlight was attending the Sewing Weekender . This was so much fun and pure sewing indulgence. I hope I can get a ticket next year, and would love to attend more events like this or sewing meet ups in 2018


Finally  I did a quick look at my fabric stash. Much easier to do- and track- as I have logged all my fabric onto the Cora app during the year. Unfortunately it also means I can see how many pieces of fabric have been added this year. Time for confession – 45 pieces,. Now my excuses start – 15 pieces were “free” ( donations, swaps, presents) but that still means I’ve bought 30 pieces of fabric.


I can feel a New Year’s resolution forming…….



3 thoughts on “2017 – my first year of blogging and a review of the year”

  1. Such a great read and yes hello Ann hear I am. I can remember how I started blogging, finding my way in writing, meeting new (Facebook) friends and reading their comments. I never took part in #makenine. Sewing for me is stepping away from the daily routine that involves lots of deadlines and planning. Looking forward to your 2018 makes and not forgetting doing our sweater swap.


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