Time to start on those plans for the New Year.

I enjoyed the process of making a hit list of things to make in 2017, and looking back on what I had actually done versus plans so I’m definetely doing this again for 2018.

E41D8128-029E-4C47-900E-D34494822744So, I have my 9 patterns. Two of these are carried forward from 2017 but all others are new plans for a new year.

Style Arc Top.  I acquired 4 patterns in the Black Friday sale , all of which are knit tops with a bit more interest value than a plain tee. I plan to make one of these up ( the visual is the Kylie knot top) .this will be my first Style Arc make

Orla Dress. There have been loads of these in blogs last summer. My turn to belatedly jump on the bandwagon ready for ( hopefully) summer weather this year

Sew Different cocoon coat. I love the wool version I made in 2017 and plan to make a lighter weight version for spring wear.

Grainline Linden sweatshirt. Am I the only person who hasn’t made this? I wear a lot of casual clothes and have seen some lovely versions so time to try this pattern out myself

Named Pattens Talviikki sweater. I’m planning to make this up to compare it to my Toaster sweater

Itch to Stitch Marbella dress. A carried forward from 2017  pAttern.

Patty-do dress. A company I found after reading Kathy’s( Sew Dainty) blog

Sew Over It Ultimate trousers. Still on my list – try to make trousers

On the plus side , I already have all these patterns- and I suspect I even have suitable fabric for them all in my stash

AND, I have just been reading RED W SEWS blog on her 2018MAKENINE and saw her excellent idea of combining patterns with fabrics to help reduce the stash….so here is my unashamed rip off !



3 thoughts on “#2018MAKENINE”

    1. Thanks have been looking at your blog and loved your sweaters- I have eyes up a few of those fabrics. Visited Sewisfaction in November intending to buy the car sweatshirt Fabric but it was sold out

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      1. I think that one was really popular; it showed up all over the place! I’ve definitely been in snuggly jumper mode of late and I’m not done yet; clearly I’d rather just be hibernating!


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