Toaster vs Talvikki


So the idea for this blog post came when exchanging comments with a fellow blogger Sonja at sewingalacarte

I had already made the  Sew House Seven Toaster sweater ( both versions , but this relates to version 2 )  and was on my second make of it. Sonja meanwhile had just posted her second Named Talvikki sweater. See her post here   I commented that I loved her sweater and had considered making a Talvikki sweater myself , but thought it may be too similar to the Toaster sweater to justify adding to my pattern stash.

So we decided we would both undertake to make the pattern we had not made before during January, write a blog post to compare them  and answer the question whether it was worth having and making both the Toaster and Talvikki. As I write this I have no idea what Sonja has concluded !


So here are my views. But please also take a look at Sonja’s here. I will be interested to see if our conclusions are similar

Design wise there are quite a few similarities.

In my view both have a relaxed style with a split hem and raised neck. Both have inset sleeves  without cuffs.


And both in my opinion elevate a standard sweatshirt to something a little more stylish.


Here are my two original Toaster sweater makes


Blog link here


Blog link here

Both have some adjustments to the standard pattern – alteration to shorten body ( I am 5’ 2” and short waisted so I always need to do this) and slightly reducing / lowering the side vents to keep me warmer around the middle. The first version is in a cloque fabric and is slightly less drape than the second red version which is in a loose knit/ boucle effect fabric. Both fabrics have worked well and the finished results have been worn lots.

So on to the Named Talvikki -and here it is


Having  read a number of pattern reviews ( including Sonja’s) I decided to go down a size to ensure the finished sweater didn’t swamp me- and I am pleased I did. Again I have done the same adjustments as the Toaster sweater. ( body length and shortening the length of the side vents).


A very different choice of fabric though. This is a sweatshirt fabric and plain as I felt that this would show the darts off to their best advantage. For me these are the main difference between the patterns and it’s a lovely detail.



The fit of the Talvikki is definetely more relaxed, with wider sleeves- but I like this equally.


The neckline looks – and feels- more different than I thought  it would from the line drawings. The Toaster sweater has a slightly more draped effect( it’s not extreme) but still comes up high and across the neck. The Talviki is more funnel shaped and supported by a separate neck facing stands up, but not tight to the neck highlighting the lines of the darts. I like them both!

Both  were really easy to sew up, particularly with an overlocker. One difference that I did appreciate was that the Named instructions were very specific about when to use an overlocker( if using) vs a standard machine which I found very helpful,

In my view the Toaster sweater is more versatile when it comes to fabric choice as a patterned fabric does not disguise the detail. There are also no darts to consider either for the need to actually see this design detail or in terms of  interrupting a pattern. However the darts and neckline on the Talviki are a lovely stylish detail so with the right fabric choice ihey give interest to a plainer fabric.

My overall opinion/ conclusion? I love them both ! I am glad I have made both and do feel there were enough differences to justify adding to the pattern stash. Will I make more ? Well I certainly have more fabric ready and waiting to be made into sweaters but I also have two other sweatshirt patterns waiting to be printed off. Maybe  a Grainline Linden vs Sloane sweatshirt comparison is in the pipeline?

And that’s my first #makenine2018 completed. Good start!



Any thoughts.? Anyone else made both the Toaster and the Talvikki



2 thoughts on “Toaster vs Talvikki”

  1. What a beautiful version. The colour of your sweater gives a wonderful Scandinavian feeling to it. And what a coincidence that we both used light blue for our make. Interesting to read your thoughts about the Talvikki sweater and I can see what you mean that the Toaster sweater gives more opportunities then the Tavikki sweater. Looking forward to your next make.


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