A departure from dressmaking


My sewing skills are currently being applied to some upholstery work!

My son ( remember the one who wanted the red James Dean jacket? Here) has requested another make, but this time it is a project to cover a tub chair.

He had his eye on an Ikea Tullsta tub chair, but there were two problems – the coverings are not in his chosen colour ( mustard to match the grey white and mustard colour scheme in the living room of his new house) and they cost from £80-120 . Given he has just bought his first house with his girlfriend, there isn’t a lot of spare cash floating around.


They have done an amazing job of sourcing second hand items on Freecycle and Facebook marketplace. They were lucky enough to pick up a free ikea Tullsta tub chair on the former. The cover was very battered and faded, and one leg couldn’t be screwed into place as the screw fixing had fallen into the inside of the chair.


So over to the handy parents. My husband has a bit of a reputation of being able to fix anything  and justified it by fixing the leg.

My task of course was to create a new cover.

First part was to source the mustard fabric( an estimated 4-5 metres based on internet searches). I soon found thatupholstery fabric doesn’t come cheap! The solution ( a brainwave) was to buy some ikea curtains. Unbelievable it was cheaper to buy these and cust them up than buy fabric!


So fabric obtained  the next stage was to take the existing covers off( secured by what seemed like hundreds of metal staples) and use the existing cover as a template .  I carefully wrote on and photographed every single section of the old cover BEFORE doing this so I will hopefully not be in danger of mixing up pieces and will remember what goes where



( cutting out on my new Aldi wallpapering table after seeing this on Sewin the UK being bought for sewing)

Following sewing up some of the main seams the chair was ready for a quick fitting!


  1. At this point the front of the arms were not attached, or the seat base cover and front of base of chair- and all looked good so I went on to do this.

On my next fitting I hit a problem – I had eliminated the central back zipper on the cover ( looking at more recen5 versions in store this had been done).but when all the front panels were attached I could no longer pull the cover onto the chair. To solve this I have opened up one of the back seams and will hand stitch closed. I decided not to insert a zip as this seems pretty pointless as the whole cover is staple gunned to the frame so will not be removed for cleaning.

I also discovered that the inside back of the chair had collapsed backwards. So back to the man who can fix anything who with some ingenious use of duck tape, cardboard and other trickery has solved this!

Cover ready for staple gun with all panels sewn.


The next stage was to make the cushion pad cover- much easier. I reused the zip too.

And finally out came the staple gun to attach the cover to the framework and the chair is finished


It’s not perfect but a huge improvement on th broken battered( but free) original. With a total cost of £18 for the fabric( zip and other materials reused) and nearly all of one curtain left for sofa scatter cushions( or any other future projects) it should pleas my son!


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