Time for 2018 Secret Valentine Exchange

6DE95CA0-CEB6-440C-BD63-6F12549D42FBI participated in the 2017 challenge for the first time and enjoyed both making and gifting and receiving a little surprise through the post. Last year I sent my gift to Kathy of Sew Dainty who I have subsequently met at The Sewing Weekender and follow her prolific blog. So when I saw a 2018 secret Valentine Exchange pop up I immediately signed up

The organiser s, Sanae and Ute, of the challenge pairs you randomly with someone and send you a short profile about their likes plus a name and address. I also filled in my profile form which would have been sent to someone else( it’s not a direct gift swap).you are asked to make/ put together a small portable gift from existing stash materials and send it out by February 7th.

The  information I received for sending a gift was

Abigail ( lives in U.K.)

Favourite Colors: Pastels
Preferred Designs, Symbols, etc.: Anything floral, girly, sparkly

The preferred designs were a challenge as I don’t do a lot of girly , sparkly things! Unfortunately there was no link to a blog so no major clues there, but Abigail’s Instagram confirmed the sparkly!

i decided to make a little bag ( again) . Clothing really isn’t an option when you don’t know anything about the person’s size. I “cheated” – the fabric, which I hope will be to Abigail’s taste – came from the scrap box at my local sewing club. Flamingos are in yes????


I also added a few little goodies which I hope she can use in her own projects – some lace, beads and labels

And lastly I put a short letter in the parcel so she can find out a little about me

In return a parcel has arrived in the post for me- and excitement, it’s come all the way from AUSTRALIA ( turned out it was from Tasmania when I opened it.)


My presents were from Dot who knits and crochets and works in a craft shop on the other side of the world.


If you you are wondering what the item in the bottom right hand corner is ( I admit I was before I read the letter enclosed): it’s an apple cozy to stop apples getting bruised in your bag! Dot has obviously made quite a few( picture below is from her Instagram)

So thank you Dot from Tasmania

and what a wonderful idea #2018sve is connecting people across the world


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