Patty do Carol sweatdress


This is a new pattern company to me which I looked at after seeing Kathy( Sew Dainty) post about Pt a dress she had made. They are German, downloadable pdf patterns which can be slightly customised ( you choose the neckline, sleeve etc) and at £ xxx it was a bargain

I chose the Carol dress as I liked the casual nature of the design and it is different from the usual dress patterns I buy with its drop waist toggle effect waistline.

I added this to my plans s for #2018MakeNine identifying two fabric possibilities

Both  of of these were bought by weight ( yes the bargain basement) from Abakhan in Manchester

Well  this whole project seems to have been beset by difficulties and issues

Puting  together the pdf went fine. I chose my size based on the measurements given, opti

Then the cutting out. My first choice was the black fabric . Believe me I tried VERY hard but I just couldn’t squeeze the dress out of the available amount. So onto choice number 2 which with some very careful shuffling ( made more of a challenge of course by placement of a border print) I just about managed to achieve.

First stage sewing went to plan. I’m a reasonably confident/ experienced sewer – be warned if you are a beginner the instructions are brief and no pictures to help. There is an online video which I whizzed through and a tutorial to insert the pockets( which I needed as It was a slightly different method for in seam pockets). But be warned th tutorial was in German. School German came in very useful – but at least there are pictures too!

So on I ploughed and happily joined the top to the skirt using the prescribed overlocker then a stretch stitch 2cm away to create a channel for the elastic or cord.

I really should have tried it on first / tacked the channel construction. Despite having shortened the bodice( my usual short waisted adjustment)  the dropped waistline was more like a drop butt line. It came way too low and was really not a good look ( should have taken a photo….)

Now I have to be fair and admit that my fabric is not sweatshirting and maybe not as thick / structured , but it’s not overly stretchy either. This may not have helped the structure though!

The top is also a bit wide on me but this was easy to fix.

Finally I found the pocket making overly complicated for an inseam pocket – and you have to find the video tutorial for instructions.

However what a pain it is to unpick stretch stitch in a knitted fabric.


Skip  forward many hours and much muttering and I finally got back to actually constructing the dress.

I removed a huge amount of length from the bodice and reattached it to the skirt. I also took in the side seams by a considerable amount ( an inch each side)


Elastic channel was recreated and elastic added.

So my view on the final dress.

The best part is that the border pattern is striking and unusual and it is really comfy to wear ( the combination of elaticated waist and stretch fabric)


However I don’t think my dress looks anything like the pictured dress! I probably took slightly too much length off the bodice so it now sits more on the waist than high hips.  Also my skirt is definetely gathered unlike the pattern picture which shows a much straighter, fitted skirt.this is probably a result of fabric type and waist seam level.

I don’t dislike the dress – but I don’t love it either. I think this is a combination of the stress making it, the fact that I don’t think it looks like the pattern / how I imagined it would look and finally the fabric is slightly more muted / not my usual colour palette. Maybe a heavier weight sweatshirt fabric would give a better result, but I’m not sure I will make this pattern again.

So that’s another of my #2018makenine completed








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