Seamwork Design your wardrobe weeks 1&2


The first thing to say is that this has been great fun. Every day ( except weekends when you can play catch up) you are given a little task which is helping you to design your own wardrobe. This was offered as a free 4 week activity to Seamwork subscribers.

So far I have particularly enjoyed creating the inspiration, mood and colour palette boards

I am aiming at creating a spring /summer wardrobe  with interchangeable pieces that will be ideal for taking away on holiday ( city breaks not beach)/ wearing around .

I intend to mix it with some items I already have in my wardrobe

During the first week we focussed on Inspiration

I had to set goals for my project and then seek inspiration creating a Pinterest board of 50inspiration pictures. I tracked through existing images, patterns etc that I had already collected for this rather than starting completely from scratch


This was then given a story – a title pulling together what the main themes were. Blue definitely featured with more fitted styles, stripes and nothing too floral

Then the tricky part- editing this down to base it on reality

Finally in week one I created a mood board that summarised this into all of this for the wardrobe I wanted to design for.


The interesting thing was that I wasn’t sure how well the above reflected me- but I took a look at the mood boards shared by others on the dedicated Facebook page and was amazed how different they were. It really brought into focus that the above board does reflect your inspiration and likes.

Week 2 was all about fabric and colour.

Our first task was to “shop our stash” for fabrics that fitted with the wardrobe we were designing for and our mood board.

I had no problem finding loads of fabric!


Then we moved on to virtual shopping for more options


( oh look- lots more blue)

The next stage was more challenging – categorising the swatches into neutrals, basics and statement colours and on the following day balancing between these groupings to create a final colour palette .



Finally we plugged the gaps. My gaps were mostly in the statement colour area. I used this and the swatches and palette I had created to shop at the knitting and stitching show in Olympia at the end of the week. It was a great way of focussing ( and constraining) my purchases

my fabric purchases


Palette board with new purchases boosting statement group


I’m looking forward to the next two stages where we start to put together fabric and patterns to design a wardrobe to make


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