Sew Over It Silk Camis


I’m off to Spain soon, and with forecasted temperatures hitting 30 degrees I decided my wardrobe needed the addition of some cool camis.

I toyed with the Ogden cami as it seems to be so popular, but couldn’t quite justify the price, and ideally wanted something with slightly wider straps. At this point Abi bought in a couple of camis she had just made to the sewing club. They were made with Simply Sewing magazine’s free pattern for May – the SOI Silk cami. Advantage was that I could try one on, which quickly convinced me that my post sewing pop into Sainsbury’s for some bread rolls was going to include the magazine in my basket

So before moving on I have to add that there was a bonus. Not just this pattern but 2 others which also appealed to me. A lovely little backpack ( on the to make list) and a dress. Plus a magazine to read. Result


I started with what I considered to be a toile using a piece of free chiffon fabric.( Sewing Weekender goody bag last year, Adam Ross). Probably a mistake as the chiffon stretched all over the place, so not a great practise run. I had to raise the shoulders ( although to be fair I repeated this adjustment on the more stable fabric to follow) and lopped a huge amount off the back hemline as the curve just seemed to pull down. I also took the width of the body in.- a personal preference as I don’t like tops to swamp me.

The facing was omitted as the fabric is so fine. I just overlocker the neck and sleeve and turned a small hem

End result  – wearable and OK


So on to Version 2 using fabric I had spent money on! This was purchased at the Stitching & Knitting Show as part of the colour scheme for my #designyourwardrobe.

0c608ba0-17cc-479c-9301-0c187b249cd6.jpegI meanly only bought half a metre as I intended to make a small strappy  top. Squeezing the top out of this was( to say the least) a challenge!  I did shorten the body length( plus adjustments to width and shoulder straps as above) , and with some jiggling around, I managed it. ( and I even did a facing this time with the addition of a bit of contrast fabric due to running out of main fabric).I can honestly say I have achieved zero waste .

Really pleased with the end result.


And here I am in Spain actually wearing it in Seville

( Skirt is also made by me – Maria Denmark Yasmin skirt)

So pleased it was onto version 3 and another limited fabric challenge.

This time I had a small bit of fabric which again came from The Sewing Weekender goody bag ( free again!) which was navy blue with mustard coloured elephants and giraffes.


This time, try as I might I just couldn’t squeeze the pattern onto the fabric ( not helped by need to match horizontal stripes!)

I loved the fabric though, so I was determined not to be defeated. I knew somewhere in my stash I had a piece of mustard fabric with die cut border that I picked up at Walthamstow market about 2 years ago for the huge sum of £1 for a metre. And it matched.

Again I only had a metre , and intended to make a top from this, utilising the die cuts on the hem. I decided to cut out a mustard top and use the left over bits to supplement the elephant cami. More on the mustard top in a separate post, but for the cami I used the mustard to extend/ complete the front straps and created a mustard back yoke. In both cases the die cut edge has been utilised.48F8837B-F82F-4A96-B677-94FE6A6B76407240EE10-D650-4902-8595-B1A60CD35179 The facing was omitted on this version again in order not to hide the cut out design. I simply overlooked the edges and rolled them over to hem , adjusting for the seam allowance.

So this one maybe didn’t quite fit into my original #designyourwardrobe plans, but it is blue, has a splash of colour / accent- and I love the little animals

So three new cami tops to wear on holiday , and lots of fabric used up ( with a bit of creativity )




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