Seamwork Addison and B6184 hack together


After making the Seamwork Addison twice I knew that I loved the neat collar and the cut of the armhole. I also like the shaping of the dress made from Butterick 6184

So the thought was, why not try to combine the best of both worlds, using the armholes from the Addison to create a sleeveless dress, modifying the Addison collar into 2 parts to allow for the back zip required for the shaping of the Butterick dress


Fabric used is a cotton bought from Leon’s in Manchester in 2016  #sewmystash

FB9532C9-7B40-4C52-88A7-04655C87AB8EI simply overlaid one pattern piece over the other, matching the top of the shoulder lines , to get the desired effect for cutting out.

As with my previous version of the dress I have lowered the bust darts and flared the bottom of the dress to an  A line to omit the back vent.


On the Addison I introduced a back seam to match the dress and allow for the zip insertion, making sure that I did the same on the back facing. The collar was not cut on the fold – instead a seam allowance was addded on the fold line ( centre back) to allow for the back zip.


The final result is pictured being worn in Cordoba in the evening. With temperatures at 36 degrees at 10 pm a cool cotton dress was a good make.




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