2018 Make Nine update



I’ve seen a number of updates/ reviews on this one so thought I would take a look at what I have done so far this year against my original #2018makenine plans

Here’s the picture summary


So this year I included not only patterns but fabric to encourage me to use the stash and make plans a little more real.

A number of changes have been made to plans, both as a result of doing the #designyourwardrobe project earlier this year , and simply changing my mind!

Firstly  – the patterns that have been completed. The big green ticks.

The Named Talviki was completed with no change to fabric, and was a huge  success. The Patty Do  Carol dress is completed as planned but is a disappointment. The Linden sweatshirt has been done in an alternative summerweight fabric after the wardrobe planning, and is also great

I have made a sleeveless dress from the planned turquoise fabric, but used a pattern hack instead of the intended Itch to Stitch Marbella dress pattern. I am sure this pattern will reappear on my 2019 list as it is one I like the look of.


I also swapped the planned SOI Ultimate trousers for Style Arc City Shorts as I needed a pattern with a fly zip for my sewing club project I ended up making  a pair of cotton trousers and twill shorts.


Going  forwards I think there is still a chance that the Style Arc Top will be made – it will work well for autumn/ winter. However, realistically I will not make an Orla dress as summer is gone. The ITS Hvar jacket may get made, but the intended fabric is too summery now to make it on to the autumn sewing list.

And it’s unlikely that the cocoon coat will be made as this was intended as a spring wear.

So here is my revised 2018 make nine plan ( if that’s allowed! ) Autumn makes have been slotted in to replace the items I know I won’t make. Both the Essential Denim dress and the cord Maria Denmark Yasmin skirt are cut out ( ready for The Sewing Weekender) so I might even complete them!


I have also made lots of other garments, including summer tops , which weren’t in my original plans, so although I haven’t made the planned nine patterns , I feel pretty good about 2018 so far.

2 thoughts on “2018 Make Nine update”

  1. Such a great overview of your 2018 make nine. I’ve the Marbella dress pattern too and although it’s on my to make list it still isn’t make. I’m looking forward to see your Sew Different dress.


  2. Next spring – a Marbella dress name and linked blog then?…. don’t think sleeveless dresses on sewing agenda now ( it’s raining here and I’m seriously thinking of putting the heating on )


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