Jersey Named Kielo with sleeves


I’ve made up the Named kielo dress twice before, both times in chiffon. My favourite has always been my first make where I added a cotton underlay. It feels lovely swishing along in it , but it has always felt like a holiday / very summery wear rather than something I would wear around generally in the U.K.

A number of makes on blogs inspired me to try a jersey version. Firstly jersey for me is a much more day to day fabric to wear and of course is super comfy. Adding sleeves ( using the free add on pattern from Named) would also in my opinion extend wear occasions.

There were some great striped Kielos on line….


….so I knew the pattern coped well with stripes which lead me to my fabric choice – a striped jersey fromThe Village Haberdashery  ( bought it in January so I doubt it’s still in stock. Quality is lovely though so if their other fabrics are as good I would recommend them for online shopping) . It is  medium to lightweight ( so plenty of drape for wrapping).


Adding the sleeves does require modifying the bodice. For some reason I found piecing together the lines from this from the print out a little mind bending ( not quite the usual A4 pdf print out format)  but once I got it together the process was easy.

Initally I thought I would shorten the sleeves as they looked very long – but I’m glad I left them the pattern length ( you can shorten after, but difficult to add back on) as when I tried the dress on there is something about the length which balances with the overall design.9a00a722-c080-4d25-8cab-8bf148207f7e.jpeg

Stripe matching was relatively successful over the main body, but not from body into sleeve. Is this even possible?



The dress is super comfy and has delivered just what I wanted

Here I am with Kathy ( Sew Dainty) at The Sewing Weekender wearing the dress for the pub meal on Saturday evening


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