Summer sundress for Greece


So I am still busy making clothes for my trip to Greece in August with the latest make being a sundress.

I spotted this pattern on a Facebook post, and found I already owned the pattern. I will be honest, it wasn’t a pattern I had at the top of my list to make, but seeing the made up version made me rethink


I already had fabric in my stash – it’s a sort of textured lightweight cotton bought in Goldhawk Road in June with the pattern in mind. £6 a metre.


I chose version D . The bodice is lined, but because the fabric is light coloured and lightweight, I also lined the skirt. Both linings are a very lightweight viscose I bulk bought specifically for the purpose of lining dresses for Greece ( lightweight and breathable)

This was a pretty straightforward make . There isn’t too much fitting required. The bodice lining gives a nice clean finish.

Enter a caption

The only difficult bit was fitting / adjusting the position of the straps at the back. My poor husband got roped in for this as it’s impossible to pin the back shut and view strap placement on yourself. I think this is the part of my sewing hobby he hates the most. He vailiantly puts up with finding pins everywhere , the huge stash of fabric and the “ I must visit Abakhans” when we go to Manchester but helping with fitting/ hems is not his favourite. I suspect this is why he encourages my attendance of the local sewing club- a room full of women who enjoy and understand sewing and will help.

Anyway, his skills are improving, and the straps were successfully placed


So another dress ready to go, and more fabric used from the stash too.




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