Sweatshirt sewing at the Cotton Club


The  theme for this half term at the weekly sewing club / lessons I attend  ( The Cotton Club in East Grinstead West Sussex) was to make a sweatshirt. It is always optional whether you join in with the theme  or just make something else. (For newer sewers completing the suggested project is usually the preferred option so they build their skill set.)

I decided a quick sweatshirt for the changing weather sounded a great idea , and I was determined to use my stash.


This beautiful fleeceback sweatshirt came from Caboodle Textiles – I actually won it in an on line competition in 2017  It is super soft and has lovely sparkly raindrop shapes on it. Bizarrely I loved it so much I have been holding on to it for something special.

So to guarantee a make I would like ( and because I love the pattern) I chose the Sew House Seven Toaster sweater to make again.. the only alteration I make with this is to shorten the bodice by about half an inch as I am a petite 5 foot 2inches

And here is the result


It’s not been cold enough to wear it yet, but I have the feeling it’s going to get plenty of wear. It feels a lot more comfy than my previous make( which isn’t uncomfortable) as the fabric is so soft and flexible – quality fabric does pay off!

Out of interest, here are a couple of makes from other Cotton Club sewers.




One  of the fun fun bits of attending , for me, is the social side . Sewing can be a solitary hobby, but this gives me the opportunity to meet up with other sewers, chat about sewing and ideas, and see what everyone else is making, as well as picking up tips and help from our lovely teacher Abi.

Here is a picture of us all hard at work on Wednesday morning this week .


I still can’t believe Abi managed to get a shot of us all with heads down , at our machines. There’s usually a lot of chatting and wandering around to see how everyone’s getting on!!!!



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