Sarong to Ogden cami beach dress

My son bought me a beautiful sarong from Thailand 7 years ago. He rode elephants whilst on holiday there, so bought one with elephants on it .Confession time  – I’ve never worn it. A number of reasons. We don’t usually do beach holidays and try as I might , I can’t seem to get these things to drape alluringly and attractively over my body. Whatever I do I seem to end up looking like I’ve been bundled into a tablecloth.

So in case you haven’t already gathered from my numerous recent blogs making clothes for hot weather, I went to Greece and the beaches for my son’s wedding Once again I attempted to drape this fabric over a bikini to try to use on the beach. I even quizzed the bride to be on advice on wearing a sarong. It went like this ( with demo) …you just take this end, and this end , wrap it like this and knot it. She twirls, looks fantastic and realisation hits that she would actually look great in a sack.

And that’s when I decided it was time to wield the scissors , view my sarong as fabric and actually wear it.

Enter a caption

Trimmed off the fringe edges but kept them to use for a tie or trim.


After the success of my recent Ogden makes, I decided to try making an Ogden beach dress. The plan was to lengthen the pattern, using the border elephant print as the hem , slit the side seams to the knee and add the fringe edges at the waist to create a tie belt.

Once again I used my lightweight viscose for internal facings to make the main fabric go further.

I did not draft a pattern for the additional length. I simply laid the top onto the fabric and extended the line of the side seam to the bottom of the sarong using a long ruler.

As I have now made 4 camis in quick succession, this is becoming a very easy and quick make!

The end result – one new beach dress


Look it’s got side slits



These pictures were actually taken in Corfu ( not at the wedding in Lemnos) where the dress got a second holiday at the end of September- and I actually managed to get some photos!

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