Christmas Sewing


Its not often I sew decorative objects – dressmaking is more my thing – but this Christmas has seen 2 new Christmas decorations sewn in my weekly Cotton Clubs Sewing classes.

The first project was to use free motion machine embroidery . The proposed project was to create a hoop hanging decoration – and this is what the rest of the class did. I however decided to create a coffee table runner for my lounge.

Work in progress

The design was changed from round to square, and I planned three panels for the runner which would be individually created before being mounted on the runner itself. My room features blue and maroon so these colours were picked up.


Designs were researched on the web and drafted on pattern tracing paper before being cut into sections and applied to a backing fabric with


Then the fun bit – the machine embroidery, whilst this had to hold the pieces in place, we were also encouraged not to make it too regular /  appliqué like, and to use it to sketch in elements.


I think the details on my reindeer and  snowman have probably been the most successful at achieving this


And just for interest , here is some of the beautiful work of others in my class.


The second project was much quicker – many people made multiple  versions. This was a cute little reindeer. The bottom of its legs are weighted with rice so it stands up


And just to complete my Christmas decorating creativity ,here is the Wreath I made for my door at my local WI’s wreath making session!


And a somewhat scarey Christmas tree snowman for the local tree competition ( again with my WI).


And just heard Frosty the snowman got 2nd prize!

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