Scrubs, but no blogging

I knew I hadn’t written up anything on my blog for a while, and this morning I finally checked to see when the last post was. February – 3 posts just before I went skiing in early March.

There is my dress I made and then wore in Sri Lanka.
And did I mention travel? That’s right – Sri Lanka followed in March with a week skiing in Austria.

Since then the world has changed. At the moment, never mind travelling abroad, I would be happy to go to a local cafe with my friends for tea, scone and chat.

I made a list at the beginning of this ( I love lists) of the things I could do in lockdown. Of course there were lots of sewing projects, catching up on blog posts amongst other things. And despite all the “spare time” very little has been ticked off.

My “new normal” consists of zoom chats with mates, walks / cycle rides and indoor exercise classes ( I was prepared – my son who is a doctor gave his “elderly “ parents a stern talking to about not taking risks a week before lockdown even started. Result was we both suspended gym membership and I ordered a spin bike before lockdown started).

But my wish to sew things for myself completely evaporated. After all, where was I going to wear anything, what was the point?

That’s when I spotted the on line effort to make scrubs for the NHS.

And  that is what I have been doing.

I spotted a weekly post from a doctor at my GP surgery and approached her directly to ask if they needed any scrubs. Not long before scrubs for 5 – 2 sets each- we’re requested. I added to this 2 pairs for my son who is working in a Manchester hospital.

The fabric was ordered ( Cotton and poly cotton)and I waited to see what 50 metres looked like! It didn’t look as much as I thought but was really heavy to drag in


Next stage was to pretest shrinkage. The poly cotton was fine, but I got about 5% shrinkage with the cotton which posed the challenge of calculating sensible lengths to cut the fabric in to and pre washing it all.


The pattern I used was a free one from For the Love of Scrubs Facebook page.

I actually mocked up a couple of sizes ( XS and L) to check on myself and my husband before cutting in to the fabric – I had all the measurements of the doctors but of course no opportunity to fit anything. Anyway, this gave me a known size for 2 of the sizes enabling me to “guess” knowledgeably at what to make for who.

I soon gave up on trying to use my cutting table with 6-7 metre fabric lengths and resorted to that old tried and tested method of laying out  and cutting on the floor

After an intense week and a half of sewing ( with breaks for exercise etc of course) I completed 12 tops and 12 trousers and delivered to the local surgery and posted to my son.

Here is one of the local doctors in her made to easier scrubs


and here is my son in his


All are made with a neater V neck rather than a facing ( see You Tube video here)

and with a tie waist ( rather than elasticated) to withstand washing at high temperature.


It was great to feel I was contributing in some small way.

In the meantime my son has actually been off work with Covid 19. I guess it’s not surprising as he is working in a hospital that has been 50% converted to Covid-19 treatment and had 4 cases on his non Covid ward not long before he became ill. His partner also caught it – and the two consultants  on the same ward. The latter were hospitalised, but I guess the benefits of being young and fit hAve worked in son  and girlfriend’s  favour and both are well. My son is back at work.

And my next make ? Fabric masks





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