From Scrubs to Face Covers

The next project in my Covid-19 lockdown has been making face covers.

Having looked at a number of patterns and read a few reviews on fit, I decided to use the Craft passion face mask pattern with a filter pocket , nose wire and ties to secure.

I also read a fair bit on the internet about materials to use . My decision was tight woven cotton, a layer of interfacing and the pocket to add a disposable layer as an additional filter ( I use kitchen towel)

I actually made, and started to wear mine before the British government changed tack and decided to suggest the use of face covers in indoor environments where social distancing may be difficult.  I must admit people did look ( or pretend not to!j initially in Sainsbury’s, but now there are more people starting to wear face covers.


The face  cover is not a complicated make And fits me well. It can be cut out so scraps ( I hoard left over fabric , so ideal!)

I have used some garden wire in the nose bridge which I bend over at the ends to stop it poking through the fabric. Initially I left the wire channel open ( as pattern) but subsequently  sewed the wire channel shut so it can’t fall out when washed.

After mask one it was on to a mask for my husband

and daughter in law.

and then it began in earnest……

I put a picture on my WI WhatsApp chat and immediately two members asked if there was any change the crafty members could make a mask for those who couldn’t.

At this point in time there were loads of people making for NHS/ carers etc but  nobody locally making face covers for people . As this was also just as the suggestion was made to start wearing them I decided to organise 3 other WI sewists and offered our members the opportunity to request a mask with a suggested donation to charity of £3 per face cover. My rationale was simple. Wearing a face cover is done to help prevent people from spreading the virus – so the more people I / we make it easy for to wear masks, the more it helps stop the spread.

I was a little apprehensive as we have 70 members ( although some can sew!) and I had no idea what the take up would be.
In the end we had requests for 63 face covers . I made 25 myself.

Members were really generous too. The sewists donated the fabric, interfacing and more importantly , their time. And members donated to our chosen charity – the Air Ambulance – who gave a presentation to one of our meetings a couple of years ago ( we were surprised to find that this is a charity  rather than NHS funded ) We have raised over £300 Which we hope will help them with their emergency Covid -19 appeal

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