#MeMadeMay completed

I have taken part in this a few times before but – hooray – this is the first time I have actually managed to complete the challenge!
Yes , this a May I wore something me made every single day of the month, and some days I even wore two things / outfits.

I also posted every day on Instagram


It hasn’t been a “ normal” month , so maybe that’s why I have managed this.
With lockdown followed by slight easing of restrictions my usual socialising, gym going and if possible holidaying lifestyle has completely changed. Maybe this is why I have completed the challenge?

Activities  have been different – and clothing will no doubt reflect this. The weather has also been amazing ( for the U.K.)  which tends to make t easier for me to wear me made  as I seem to make a lot of warm weather clothes.

So what have I observed about what I wear from my Me Made items?

1. There have been some  day to day pattens that keep popping up in what I choose to wear – and most of these could be called basics. The SCOUT TEE was worn in various fabrics 12 times and the Linden  sweatshirt photographed 4 times ( although I know I slipped the pink one on in the evenings sometimes too!)

2. I wear a lot of shorts and tops especially when the weather is good and I am walking every day! This is probably not totally representative of the “old normal”  but it does mean I have bought a metre of fabric to make some more shorts for myself ( I only have one pair I have made myself)


3. I like wearing dresses when it’s hot. No news to me.  But even when I have been “Staying At Home” I like to put a dress on in the garden or in the late afternoon ( preferably to enjoy a drink on the patio)


4 Me Made gaps in my wardrobe are trousers. When the weather was cooler I wore trousers ( RTW)  . I have to admit though that although I couldn’t reach for any I had made myself, I didn’t lack choice

5. Make more basics

And onwards to June!




One thought on “#MeMadeMay completed”

  1. It’s always a pleasure to see what everyone is wearing during MeMadeMay. The weather has been indeed been amazing. We had the same in the Netherlands so that makes the lockdown a little bit easier to live with. We both are privileged to have a garden and have areas were we can walk as a replacement for our usual sport activities. Keep save and healthy.


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