Copy of RTW dress for summer

Usually when i see copies of RTW they are copies of designer clothes, expensive brands – but no , mine us a copy if a dress from Primark!

The original dress was bought on the sale ( so probably cost me about £8) to take on holiday to Greece in 2019. Its not my usual style, and i didn’t exoect to like it so much.

Original Primark dress

I decided to copy the dress for a return to Greece in 2021.

The dress has princess seams, which are left open at the bottom of the front to create slits and movement.

The shoulder straps are created by extending the armhole bias binding.

A side zip in side seam

There was nothing fancy about my copying – I laid the dress flat and traced the pattern pieces onto paper.

Fabric came from my stash and is probably about 30 years old. I have no idea what the composition is , but it had the right sort of drape required for the dress. It doesn’t show clearly in the photos but itis actually a vibrant royal blue and white.

After some tweaking with fit , one completed summer dress!

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