Moneta dress number 3


The Moneta dress was one of my earlier makes (here) when I restarted Sewing about 5 years ago. I have worn both dresses numerous times as it’s one of those dresses that is so easy to wear. My versions have sleeves, so fit that in between British weather when it’s not quite warm enough for sleeveless.  It’s made up in jersey with an elastic waist – so comfy. The top is fitted but it has a lovely swishy skirt . And of course, it has pockets!

One of these early makes is definitely beginning to show wear . That’s sad as it is a favourite dress, and don’t you find it even harder to admit a me made item is no longer at its best?

But it does provide the opportunity to make another one.

So given I have loved my blue Moneta, it had to be another blue one.


I was slightly surprised to see that I bought this fabric at the Ally Pally Stitch and Knit Show in 2016 – a definite #offwithherstash.

This also gave me the opportunity to try to rectify some of the issues I have had with previous makes. Both, to varying degrees, stretched out around the neckline when sewing up. And both were slightly wide at the neck too. I dealt with this after the event on the previous dresses by adding darts at the neckline.


For my latest version I tackled things differently. Firstly I cut a size smaller at the neckline above the bust. This bought the width of the neckline  and shoulders in slightly.

I then cut a narrow facing in fusible interfacing for the  neckline and applied this before constructing the dress.

The rest of the dress was completed as previously.



I’m pleased with the result. The neckline has held its shape and there has been no need for darts.


And here I am wearing it – with an unusual guest appearance by my husband ( he’s usually taking the photos)


So have  I disposed of my old blue Moneta? What do you think?

Of course not…..maybe when I don’t wear it in the summer???????