Ogden Camis ( and hacks) for summer

What would summer be without the Ogden cami?
This pattern is one of my most used – and once again it’s come out for a few quick summer makes.

Ogden cami for me

A quick make to take on holiday using up scraps from fabric used to make trousers for my daughter in law. I can never resist the challenge of using those scraps! There really was barely enough fabric left even for an ogden , so it has some piecing together of fabric on the front panel. ( I managed to pattern match to get a pin almost invisible join)

And the border pattern layout has created an interesting look ( which I love)

Two Ogden camis for my daughter in law. Both last minute makes for the beach after she saw mine!

Again both were made with scraps ( no time to acquire fabric 2 days before a holiday). I only have photos of one – the other was made from left over fabric from her Zadie maxi dress. ( see previous blog post)

Ogden Hack

Lastly I wanted a beach dress – something I could wear to walk to and from the beach. I had already created a long straight Ogden from a sarong a few years ago, but decided this time to go for a short dress with a ruffle hem. Not only is this on trend at the moment, but the scraps I had weren’t long enough for a straight dress. This was fashioned by simply elongating the ogden cami and then cutting the ruffle to 1.5 times the length of the lengthened cami’s hem , gathering and attaching it

The hat I’m wearing was also me – made.

The photos were all taken on the beautiful Greek island of Lemnos where my son and daughter got married 2 years ago .

Ogden Cami Batch making

There is little to add to how I make Ogden camis now, or to the fact that this really is a TNT pattern for me – and my most made pattern ever.

Much of this is because my son’s girlfriend loves these tops. After making the first one for her and her comments that she had paid £30 for a very similar one, the requests and makes haven’t ended.

The latest request was for some summery camis. Up until now most that I had made were more winter layering / darker colours. I bought some fabric ready for this in the stitch show in February, and then bought a few extra pieces of fabric on line during lockdown.

Double gauze light blue

Textured cotton ( remnant from a me made dress)

Viscose fabric

Crinkle viscose fabric

Viscose fabric


Broderais anglais


And here is the double gauze one being worn










MakeNine 2019. How did I do?

Well I certainly got a couple of things right in my 2018 review!

As forecasted I didn’t make all 9 of the initially planned projects, and I DID change my plans. But once again I liked having something to aim for.

So my original 2019 Make Nine were


Some items were revised – my son decided he didn’t want the shirt, I made a different jacket and I decided on ( and made) the dresses for the wedding in Greece.


I made the Gatsby dress and wore it for the engagement party, and made my new sweatshirt.



I didn’t make the pinafore ( confession – I bought one), and have not got around to making the TAB cord dress either. No more underwear either I’m afraid!

But I did make loads of other items – in particular for the holiday in Greece.

My most used pattern of 2019 was definitely the Ogden cami. I made them for myself and as gifts ( birthday and Christmas) .


I think (unless I have missed some) I made 25  garments in 2019 ( plus other non wearables) and I may even have reduced the fabric stash slightly!

I have also noticed I like using  the idea of picture planning for projects ( fabric and pattern) so whilst I may not have completed my official Make Nine 2019 I have used a similar format when planning other makes.

So time to start planning Nine makes for 2020….


Final Ogden Camis of 2019

There has been a reason these haven’t been posted earlier – they are Christmas presents.  But as we had our family Christmas yesterday ( 22nd December) I can now write and publish.

After the success of the Cami sewing for my son’s partner earlier this year, I asked what she wanted for Christmas, and guess what? More camis

This time as I was visiting Manchester – and Abakhans – I took her with her to choose her own fabric. She chose 3 very different  fabrics- a drapey sequin fabric, a grey knit and blue polyester.


And here are the results.


Once again she loved them, and changed into the sequin cami immediately, she looked beautiful in it!

Enter a caption

Boy,a  have I got my money’s worth from this pattern this year! I think i could almost  make it with my eyes shut now.

Sarong to Ogden cami beach dress

My son bought me a beautiful sarong from Thailand 7 years ago. He rode elephants whilst on holiday there, so bought one with elephants on it .Confession time  – I’ve never worn it. A number of reasons. We don’t usually do beach holidays and try as I might , I can’t seem to get these things to drape alluringly and attractively over my body. Whatever I do I seem to end up looking like I’ve been bundled into a tablecloth.

So in case you haven’t already gathered from my numerous recent blogs making clothes for hot weather, I went to Greece and the beaches for my son’s wedding Once again I attempted to drape this fabric over a bikini to try to use on the beach. I even quizzed the bride to be on advice on wearing a sarong. It went like this ( with demo) …you just take this end, and this end , wrap it like this and knot it. She twirls, looks fantastic and realisation hits that she would actually look great in a sack.

And that’s when I decided it was time to wield the scissors , view my sarong as fabric and actually wear it.

Enter a caption

Trimmed off the fringe edges but kept them to use for a tie or trim.


After the success of my recent Ogden makes, I decided to try making an Ogden beach dress. The plan was to lengthen the pattern, using the border elephant print as the hem , slit the side seams to the knee and add the fringe edges at the waist to create a tie belt.

Once again I used my lightweight viscose for internal facings to make the main fabric go further.

I did not draft a pattern for the additional length. I simply laid the top onto the fabric and extended the line of the side seam to the bottom of the sarong using a long ruler.

As I have now made 4 camis in quick succession, this is becoming a very easy and quick make!

The end result – one new beach dress


Look it’s got side slits



These pictures were actually taken in Corfu ( not at the wedding in Lemnos) where the dress got a second holiday at the end of September- and I actually managed to get some photos!

I finally made an Ogden Cami


Am I the last person in the Sewing universe to make up the Ogden Cami ?

Possibly….but there may be others out there…….

So not much I can add to the many posts on this one. It does make you appreciate a really well drafted pattern though. It goes together well and it just lies right on the body somehow.

I made mine up in “scrap “ fabric left over from my  just finished McCalls dress, so it’s made in a nice drapey viscose and is “free”.

I made zero adjustments to the pattern.


This is the first time I tried out my strap turning gadget. This was given to me by a friend after helping her to make some tie trousers and wrap skirt, when we both sat for ages turning straps. The Ogden cami straps are narrow so this method would have been even more of a pain. So first try of the widget – and it works, and it is easy! You have to grab the fabric with the end and fiddle a little bit to get it started , but then it is sooooooo easy

They are available on Amazon at under a fiver ( link to one – not sure if this was the one I have, but I know it came from Amazon)


And then, oops, I must have caught the Ogden bug. Two more Ogdens made within days of finishing the first. again both are made from fabric scraps in my stash.

Two more Ogden camis on the go – batch production!

In this case they had been picked up in The Sewing Weekender fabric swap – so more free tops. In both cases the fabric was enough to cut the main pieces and straps , but not quite enough for the facing. This was solved by using my bulk bought lightweight viscose for facings. ( This has been such a good , useful buy) .


For the multicoloured chiffon top I lengthened the facing by about 2 inches to provide a larger non see through area over the bust.



So I recommend buying the Ogden pattern and a widget, and get scrap busting for summer