Cocktail (Glass) Dress


FDCDA64C-E443-43F4-A081-60E7660AF3D3This is another dress made to wear at my son’s wedding in Greece. The fabric was bought in the spring Knitting & Stitching Show from Stitch Fabrics – it’s a crisp cotton with cocktail glasses all over it


Who could resist a cocktail ( glass) fabric for a dress?

I bought my standard 2 metres for dress stash fabric and searched for a simple sleeveless dress pattern amongst my many patterns ar home.

I chose New Look 6020 based on its simple lines, but also influenced by the many versions Roisin ( Dolly Clackett) had made in a variety of interesting fabrics. Version B looked like an interesting neckline with the little notch detail, and the V back is hopefully going to be ideal for Greek heat.


I have made up a couple of New Look dresses in the past and have found that they are pretty true to size. I did however spend time with the help of my sewing teacher refracting the princess seam bodice to get a better bodice for for me. This not involved my usual adjustment of shortening the bodice length, but also taking a little length out of the above bust area and width out of the back. I made up a sheet toile to check the adjustments , and given they seem to have worked, this may be my go to starting point for future princess seam bodices!

The bodice has a nice crisp outline created with a facing not a lining. I twin needle top stitched around the sleeves and the waistline

Whilst I am not usually a fan of side zips, I decided to stick with this, but following advice , make sure that it was low enough under the arm that the top of the zip does not irritate when wearing.

There isn’t much else to add about the construction of this dress. It’s pretty straightforward. The little notch at the front of the bodice neckline is a nice little detail, and the panelled skirt gives a lovely flare/ fullness without bulk at the waist.


Panelled skirt
Love the deep v-neck back
Aperol spritz anyone?

This dress actually ticks two challenge boxes. #2019MakeNinehad the requirement for 2 dresses for my son’s wedding. I’ve also recently decided that #off with her stash is highly appropriate for me. The fabric was bought on 28 February 2019 so that counts!

Jersey Named Kielo with sleeves


I’ve made up the Named kielo dress twice before, both times in chiffon. My favourite has always been my first make where I added a cotton underlay. It feels lovely swishing along in it , but it has always felt like a holiday / very summery wear rather than something I would wear around generally in the U.K.

A number of makes on blogs inspired me to try a jersey version. Firstly jersey for me is a much more day to day fabric to wear and of course is super comfy. Adding sleeves ( using the free add on pattern from Named) would also in my opinion extend wear occasions.

There were some great striped Kielos on line….


….so I knew the pattern coped well with stripes which lead me to my fabric choice – a striped jersey fromThe Village Haberdashery  ( bought it in January so I doubt it’s still in stock. Quality is lovely though so if their other fabrics are as good I would recommend them for online shopping) . It is  medium to lightweight ( so plenty of drape for wrapping).


Adding the sleeves does require modifying the bodice. For some reason I found piecing together the lines from this from the print out a little mind bending ( not quite the usual A4 pdf print out format)  but once I got it together the process was easy.

Initally I thought I would shorten the sleeves as they looked very long – but I’m glad I left them the pattern length ( you can shorten after, but difficult to add back on) as when I tried the dress on there is something about the length which balances with the overall design.9a00a722-c080-4d25-8cab-8bf148207f7e.jpeg

Stripe matching was relatively successful over the main body, but not from body into sleeve. Is this even possible?



The dress is super comfy and has delivered just what I wanted

Here I am with Kathy ( Sew Dainty) at The Sewing Weekender wearing the dress for the pub meal on Saturday evening