More Sewing for 2020

Sewing has continued, but once again blogging has faltered.

So this is a bit of a catch up ( again) with a very 2020 theme – Sewing for Covid.

I have had a period of time focussed on sewing masks, scrubs and a new item – hand sanitizer covers.

Firstly the scrub tops. Back at the start of all this I made scrub sets for doctors, including my own son. The sets I made for him were in fairly standard heavy-ish weight fabric ( similar to weight specified in RTW scrub garments). However he was finding the tops warm ( especially in the summer). Also 2 sets of scrubs meant constant washing.

So the first project was 3 more scrub tops in a lighter polycotton . Nothing new here as I used the same pattern and changed neckline as in my previous makes.

Next on the list is face covers/ masks. I have now made a lot of these! All my recent makes are using a Japanese 3D contoured Pattern.

After trying a number of different styles my husband and I both agree that this is our preferred pattern and fit. There are no fiddly nose wires, but the mask sits close to the face and importantly when you talk the mask doesn’t ride down your face. Look at the sizing carefully as they come in a range of sizes from small child upwards.

Mine are made with cotton ( sometimes left over dressmaking scraps but also fat quarters – especially those from Aldi), and lined with plain cotton bought by the metre. They also have an extra non woven interfacing lining ( not specified in pattern) which I include for filtration / layering purposes , not for structure or stiffening.

A tip which I wish I had thought of earlier in my mask making journey – use a loop turner to pull elastic through the side channel. It’s so much quicker than the old fashioned method of attaching the elastic to a safety pin!

I have made a variety of masks. New ones for myself and my husband ( who ever thought I would be saying a girl can’t have enough masks and which mask matches this outfit?) and many for friends. I have even started on ( dare I say it) Christmas masks.

Some of my favourites are the Marvel comic masks ( fabric from Aldi)

and the set of masks for my daughter in law who teaches reception age children. Apparently they have already proven to be a great hit with the children, especially the Simba mask.

Finally I have been making holders for hand sanitizer. I first saw these on Instagram and experimented with a couple of patterns. I think these are a great idea – I clip mine to the outside of my handbag or rucksack which means I don’t have to go into my bag and rummage around with potentially infected hands.

The pattern I have been using can be found here on Youtube. It took a bit of fiddling / experimenting to get my mind around the construction, but the result is a neat little bag which can be made from scraps

These have been made from left over mask fabric and upholstery scraps

The clips were purchased On Amazon, and it gave me the excuse to finally invest in some Kam snaps

The clever design allows the neck of the bottle to hang out of the pouch so you just flip the lid and dispense gel quickly and easily.

I’m using handbag sized Aldi bottles of hand sanitizer inside my covers. I have already made a few of these for presents and for myself – and will definitely be making more

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